Fingerprinting & Livescan

Criminal Record Check for Non Criminal Issues.

RCMP Accredited

High Tech Equipment & Prompt Service.


If you need fingerprinting for an immigration visa or background checks, contact Alfa Investigations today.

Alfa Investigation is RCMP Certified to perform fingerprint scan you will need for Immigration Visas, Work Permits, Criminal Record Checks or a Pardon.

Referrals from Police, Lawyers and Immigration Consultants now welcome.

*Note: No appointment required for most of the time. Please, bring 2 Valid Government Issued ID's
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  • Criminal Record Check for Non Criminal Issues

  • FBI Records

  • Name Change, Pardon, Adoption & Volunteers


Alfa Investigations Inc. Proudly Offers Professional High Tech Livescan Fingerprinting, CPIC and Background Check Services Such as:

  • Adoption (International)
  • Any Visa Application
  • Canadian Work Permit
  • Anything for Abroad
  • Canada Citizenship
  • Controlled Goods
  • Employment for a Private Company
  • Family & Children Services
  • Fingerprinting
  • Fostering (International)
  • Immigration to Canada
  • Medical Marijuana
  • Name Change
  • Nexus
  • Pardon/Record Suspension
  • Privacy Act Request (For someone who has had a pardon)
  • Privacy Act Request (For someone who wants to see what is on record)
  • Real Estate License
  • RN (Nurse) License
  • Security Clearance – Reliability Status
  • Sponsorship for Immigration
  • USA Waiver